Why was School of Running conceived?

The Rationale:

"We rise by lifting others." - Robert Ingersoll

While we had no role-models closer home to guide and mentor us when we decided to take up the sport of running, we definitely want you to be privy to all the information necessary before you embark on your running voyage. We made many mistakes due to lack of adequate knowledge and reckless running on impulse, but we want you to learn from our mistakes and steer clear of all the common running blunders that can become roadblocks in your running span impeding progress.

So, School of Running was conceptualised and established with the sole purpose of supporting novice runners in their endeavour to enhance their running prowess. While it is not a structured training platform, it will definitely be of great value to you as a repository of rich and varied experiences of senior runners. These Run Catalysts (as I prefer to call these experienced runners) will be more than happy to hold your hand and lead you through your running infancy. They will guide you with the basics of running, race day tips, ways to prevent and manage injuries, and a lot more.

All YOU need to do is to just connect with the nearest Run Catalyst in your area and let him/her get you started.

Happy Running!
Coach Ravinder

Coach Ravinder Gurgaon